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QuackQuack.in is a new age Relationship-Networking Portal (RNP) catering exclusively to the intelligent, ambitious and open minded Indian. In numerous tests and scientific studies done at secret locations on Mars and Venus, it was found that this Indian, who lives in a booming economy, likes to work hard and party harder and more importantly wouldn’t mind finding his or her perfect partner online!
So QuackQuack.in was created to become the perfect tool and hangout place for all those Indians who can connect with culture, simplicity and modernization at the same time. But hey! We also worked harder on keeping your privacy strong and secure as we truly believe relationships can only blossom in a safe and comfortable environment!

1.Complete your profile
Add your profile basic details, your likes, interests, hobbies, a few words about yourself and some photos. It makes your profile look attractive and credible.

2.Send Waves or Personalized Messages
Use Search options or My Matches to find members who interest you. Send Wave (pre-defined messages) or personalized messages to connect instantly. You can also chat with members or wait for someone to ping you.

3.Receive responses
Respond to Waves / personalized messages, chat / photo requests and show your interest to connect.

How to Join :
To join quackquack you simply follow this link